Aco: ACO manufactures a range of drainage and landscape products from polymer concrete, stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, fiberglass, and molded plastics.

Advanced Drainage Systems: corrugated polyethylene pipe for subsurface drainage.


All Spec Enclosures: Steel and Mesh Enclosures.


Ames Company: Ames produces valves and fittings for fire protection, irrigation and waterworks.


APCO Williamette: APCO Clean Water Air Release Valves (ARV)


AVK: American AVK manufactures a complete line of high quality gate valves, fire hydrants, check valves, and accessories.


A.Y. McDonald: A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is a manufacturer Waterworks Brass, Plumbing Valves, Pumps and Water Systems and High Pressure Gas Valves and Meter Bars.


Bermad: Hydraulic Control Valves.



Calpico: Pipe Linx, Casing Insulators, Flange Insulations Kits, Pipe Identification Markers, Cut Flange Gaskets, Valve Identification Tags, Adhesive Pipe Wrapping Tape, Locater and Tracer Tape, Wall Sleeves, Manhole Adapter Seals, Anodes, Cathodic Protection.


Cambribge-Lee Reading Tube: Copper tubing for plumbing, HVAC & Refrigeration


Cherne Industries: Pnuematic and Mechanical Plugs.


Cla-Val Company: Automatic Control Valves


Clow Company: Hydrants, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves


Coleman Cable: Manufacturer of wire, cable and other electircal products.


Crispin: Air Realease Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Vales and Plug Valves.


Custom Fab: Ductile Iron Pipe, Concrete Pressure Pipe, Welded Steel Pipe, Restrained Joint Pipe, Gaskets, and Fittings.


DeZURIK: Air Realease Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Vales, Plug Valves, Control Valves, Actuators, Ball and Cone Valves


Diamond Plastics: PVC Pipe for water, sewer and irrigation.


EBAA Iron Sales: Pipe Restraints and Flexible Expansion Joints.


Etco Specialty Products: PVC Plugs


Febco: Single & Double Check Detector Valves, Vacuum Breakers, Pressure Reducing Valves, Strainers.


Fernco: Flexible Couplings, Shielded Couplings and O-Rings.


Ford Meter Box: Service Brass, Repair Clamps, Cast Coulings and Fabricated Steel.


Fortune Valve: Ball Valves, Pressure Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves and Check Valves.


Garlock: Gaskets, Seals, Pump Diaphrams, Expansion Joint and Butterfly Valves.


GPK Products Inc.: PVC Fittings.


Hot Box: Drain Systems and Enclosures


Ideal Tridon: Clamps.


Infact: Mechanical Joint Restraints.


Integrity Fusion: Molded Butt Fusion Fittings, Electrofusion Fittings, Poly Ball Valves and Transition Fittings.


James JonesHydrants, Corp Valves, Bronze Saddles, Service Fittings, Meter Valves, Curb Valves, Meter Setters and yokes.


JCM Industries: Pipe Repair, connection and branching fittings.


Jet Swet: Plumbing tools


JM Eagle: PVC and PE pipe for water, sewer, irragation, drainage and gas.


Keckley: Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Control Valves, Strainers and pump accessories.


Kupferle Foundry Company: Hydrants, blow-offs and sampling stations.


Lee Brass: Threaded brass fittings.


Lift-All: Slings, tie down assemblies and specialty straps.


Master Meter Inc.: Water Meters


Matco Norca: Valves, steel fittings, brass fittings, copper fittings, PVC & CPVC fittings, steel nipples and brass nipples


Milwaukee Valve: Ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves and butterfly valves.


Mission Clay: Clay pipe and fittings.


Mission RubberRubber coulings and fittings.


Mueller Company: Hydrants, service brass, repair clamps, service saddles, tapping sleeves, couplings, fire protection, gate valves, butterfly vlaves and check valves.


Multi Fittings: PVC fittings for water and sewer.


Napac: Mechanical joints, flange fittings, hydrants, valves and couplings.


NDS: Drainage systems, valve boxes, meter boxes and flow management.


Nibco: Bronze and copper fittings, PVC fittings and CPVC fittings,


North American Pipe Corp.: PVC Pipe


Oldcastle Precast: Catch basins, manholes, vaults, area drains and grade rings.


Pipeline Products


Plastic TrendsPVC fittings


Plumbest: Valves and fittings


Prinsco: Corrugated pipe, chambers and fittings.


Potter Roemer: Fire protection equipment.


Power Seal: Steel sleeves, clamps, couplings and saddles.


Red Valve: Tideflex check valves, pinch valve sleeves, air operated pinch valves, knife gate valves and expansion joints


Red-White Valve: Ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves.



ReliableCheck valves and risers.


Rigid: Tools.


Romac Industries Inc.: Coupling, repair clamps, service saddles, tapping sleeves and restraints.


Sigma: Steel fittings, restraints,


SIP Industries: Manhole rings and covers, frames/grates, valve & service boxes, ductile iron fittings and ez grip joint restraints.


Smith-Blair Inc.: Joint restraints, repair clamps, couplings, adapter and saddles. Tapping sleeves.


Smith Cooper: Valves, iron fittings and nipples, carbon steel fittings and nipples, stainless steel fittings and nipples, stainless pipe, brass pipe, brass fittings and nipples.


South Bay Foundry: Manhole frames and covers, meter boxes, steel frames and grates, iron frames and grates, pipe fittings.


Spears Manufacturing: PVC Fittings.


Star Pipe: Utility fittings, joint restraints, grooved couplings and adapters, manhole rings and covers, valve and meter boxes


T. Chrsty Enterprise: Polywrap, PVC cements, sealants, marking tape, paint, tools.


Total Piping Solutions: products for pipe tapping, repair and joining


Tripac: bolt, nut, gasket and flange insulation kits, link seals, casing spacers, wall sleeves, wedge anchors, pipe-supports, struts, post bases.


Trumbull: Tools


Tyler Pipe Company: cast iron soil pipe, fittings, couplings and gaskets for DWV systems.


Tyler Union: Ductile iron fittings, restraints, valve boxes, gaskets, glands and bolts.


Underground Solutions Inc.: Fusible PVC, ServiceGuard Composite pipe, TerraBrute CR pipe.


U.S. Concrete


U.S. Pipe: Ductile Iron Pipe, Concrete Pressure Pipe, Welded Steel Pipe, Restrained Joint Pipe, Gaskets, and Fittings along with other products for the water and wastewater industries.


Valmatic: Air valves, check valves, butterfly valves and plug valves.


Vinyltech Corp: PVC pipe.


Watts: Backflows, drainage systems and control valves.


Wilkins Company: Strainers, control valves, pressure reducing valves, relief vavles and shut off valves.


Zoeller: Pumps


Zurn Company: Drainage systems.



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