R&B Company


R&B Pipe Fitters Handbook

The modern pipe fitter and welder is constantly faced with many different problems in his work. He must develop certain methods and techniques to make his job as easy and profitable as possible.

In this handbook we have tried to incorporate information of a more technical nature, to aid the pipe fitter in making calculations and fit-up while at work in the field. Most of the material is presented in table, chart or graph form for easy reference.

We believe that this handbook is sufficiently detailed and complete to provide you with useful information for your trade.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Abbreviations
  2. Decimal Equivalents of Fractions
  3. Decimal Degree Equivalents of Minutes
  4. Standard Pipe Data
  5. Barlow's Formula
  6. Commercial Pipe Size and Wall Thicknesses
  7. Weld Fitting 90 Degree Elbow, 180 Degree Return, 45 Degree Elbow
  8. Weld Fitting Tee, Cap, Cross, Stub End
  9. Weld Fitting Reducers and Reducing Outlet Tees
  10. Weld Fitting Welding Neck Flanges
  11. Slip-on, Threaded and Socket Flanges
  12. Lap Joint Flanges
  13. Blind Flanges
  14. Bolting Dimensions for 150 to 300 Lb. Steel Flange
  15. Bolting Dimensions for 400Lb./600Lb. Steel Flange
  16. Standard Cast Iron Companion Flanges and Bolts
  17. Extra Heavy Cast Iron Companion Flanges and Bolts
  18. ASTM Carbon Steel Pipe and Flange Specifications
  19. How to Cut Odd-Angle Elbows
  20. Alignment of Pipe
  21. Drill Sizes For Pipe Tapes
  22. Tap and Drill Sizes (American Standard Coarse)
  23. Pipe and Water Weight/Foot
  24. Weight/Foot - Seamless Brass and Copper Pipe
  25. Water Pressure to Feet Head
  26. Feet Head to Water Pressure
  27. Boiling Points of Water at Various Pressures
  28. Flow Conversion Chart
  29. Heat Losses From Horizontal Bare Steel Pipe
  30. Total Thermal Expansion of Piping Material
  31. Weights of Metals
  32. Colors and Approximate Temperature For Carbon Steel
  33. Melting Point of Metals
  34. Specific Gravity of Gases
  35. Specific Gravity of Liquids
  36. Typical BTU Values of Fuels
  37. Useful Definitions
  38. Unit Conversions
  39. Geometry Formulas
  40. Sprinkler System Formulas
  41. Standard Conversions
  42. Hardness Conversion Numbers
  43. Coated Arc Welding Electrodes - Types & Styles
  44. Physical Properties of E60 & E70 Series Electrodes
  45. Trouble Shooting Arc Welding Equipment
  46. Basic Arc and Gas Welding Symbols
  47. Symbols For Pipe Fittings
  48. Wire Rope